POS Hardware and Point of Sale Software products go through a complex chain of production, configuration, staging, transportation and reselling before reaching the end-customer.

Sometimes when things go wrong, and POS Systems fail, the purchaser finds it hard to trace their way through the supply chain to receive adequate after-sales support, causing frustration, loss of productivity, and/or revenue loss.

For most businesses with considerable technological investments, the need for reliable and comprehensive support service is key for customers to leverage the full benefit of their investments, and this is no different in Point of Sale, hospitality operators need access to product specialists who can help them realise the full potential of their technology.


With POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions, it’s not just about selling a product, it’s about helping your business turn the corner with access to best-in-class holistic after-sales customer service and support.

Flexible Customer Support: Customer support is only as good as its availability, POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions provides around-the-clock support to its customers with remote support for quick resolutions and on-site call outs for the more complex support.

POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions clients enjoy 24/7 accessibility to our expert staff and we also include regular, scheduled POS Software updates to the Point of Sale System to ensure its reliability, security, and stability.


POS Data Backup Solution: Point of Sale Software acquires volumes of records and transaction data, that information is important and an invaluable asset, POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions and in partnership with the Point of Sale Software companies POSmate represents, provides data security solutions that ensure hospitality operators total peace of mind.

POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions scheduled local on-site and off-site backups run automatically without interference to daily operational procedures, valuable asset backup concerns are all addressed.


Comprehensive Staff Training: Businesses sometimes fail to see a greater return on investment in POS Systems due to under-utilisation caused by a lack of understanding on how to get the most out of the Point of Sale Software platform.

Cafés and Restaurants aren’t easy to run and making the task more difficult is unintuitive, disparate Point of Sale Systems, POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions are comprehensive, but not complex.

It is important to POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions that our clients derive maximum benefit from our suite of Point of Sale Solutions, POSmate configures and customises each POS Systems settings individually, with the aid of our superior online or on-site management and staff training sessions, the day-to-day operations of a busy hospitality venue is totally efficient and profitable.


With POSmate Point of Sale Systems, it’s about solutions, not products

After sales customer support only proves it’s worth once the operator has committed pen to paper, Point of Sale companies and resellers that fail often do so due to a lack of efficient after-sales customer support, disappearing overnight, leaving clients uncertain about the usability of their technology investments.

At POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions, we invest time in bringing you a premium Point of Sale System Solution that is designed for the unique demands of each hospitality industry sector.

POSmate has been a leader in the Point of Sale industry for over 8 years and has established a longstanding business relationship with most of the well-known respected brands, distributors, and suppliers, our staff are experts at what they do, POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions your partner to success!