POSmate (POS+mate), is the combination of “POS” (Point of Sale) and “mate” (buddy/companion/friend/partner), we are a reliable and supportive partner to brick-and-mortar retailers, providing efficient and exceptional POS Software and POS Hardware solutions. We help businesses enhance customer service and streamline operations.

The name “POSmate” reflects the core focus of our business on Point of Sale (POS) Systems with a sense of collaboration and camaraderie with our clients. POSmate is always there to assist and support our clients in their journey towards success!

POSmate specialises in hospitality and retail Point-of-Sale solutions, our expertise in these industries allows us to provide tailored solutions to businesses in various markets including;

  •  Bars & Clubs: POSmate offers POS solutions tailored to the needs of bars and clubs, helping them manage orders, payments, and inventory efficiently.
  • Cafés & Restaurants: Our POS systems cater to the specific requirements of cafes and restaurants, enabling seamless order management, table management, and integration with kitchen operations.
  • Fast Food & Takeaways: POSmate provides POS solutions designed to handle the fast-paced environment of fast food and takeaway establishments, streamlining order processing and delivery coordination.
  • Fruit & Veg / Grocery & Seafood Stores: Our POS systems are suitable for fruit and vegetable shops, grocery stores, and seafood markets, offering features like inventory management, barcode scanning, and pricing flexibility.
  • Hotels & Motels: POSmate offers POS solutions for hotels and motels, facilitating front desk operations, room service management, and integration with property management systems.
  • Retail Outlets: POSmate caters to a wide range of retail businesses, helping manage inventory, sales, and customer transactions efficiently.

Established in July 2011, re-branded in October 2013, and re-launched in March 2015 to further enhance our offerings with expertise and adapting to changing market dynamics. POSmate is now celebrating more than 13 years in Point of Sale, providing effective solutions and support to our clients, helping you achieve success!