The Banksia Tree Cafe

“Great service and product, reliable, affordable and provided all the equipment and support I needed in a timely fashion!”

Fabian Folghera

VP’s Cafe

“Amazing service!!
Hard to find any business or service that actually helps you find the most cost-effective solution for your business rather than take advantage of you for their own benefit. I would highly recommend POSmate to any business!!
Thank you, Raymond, for all your help in setting up, training and continued service in setting up our POS for our new business.”

Nick Boccaccio

Delicia Acai & Protein Bar

“Rang POSmate yesterday needing an item urgently and Raymond was so helpful.  We were so thankful for not only his sound advice but his honesty and generosity.  Will help you save money and be practical and efficient ….. what more can you ask for.! Thanks POSmate so glad to write this review for you as you really helped us over a hurdle and now we are ready to go!”

Annie MacKirdy

Blue Velvet Artisan Pizza & Pastry Lab

“Awesome service by Raymond, highly recommend Posmate if you are after an efficient straight pos service!

Paolo Ro

Frankie’s Dinner

“Raymond and POSmate have been incredibly helpful for my business, Frankie’s Diner. Wonderful customer service and ongoing support.”

Cohen Sulicich

Pasta GoGo

“Don’t bother with anyone else. Raymond and his team are all you need. Setting up my POS with Raymond was a great experience, his knowledge of the industry is absolute and his after sales service is outstanding. I highly recommend his company for all your POS needs.”

Reece Formosa

Goldburger And More

“I have trusted you Raymond from the very first time we met. My way of operating a business is straight up and very transparent, and I have seen, this is the same principles and values with you as well. I am extremely happy and impressed with your professionalism, and all I can say is thank you! I would be honoured to have more people like you associated with my business, who can help me and guide me with their expertise like you have done. I sincerely thank you for all your valuable time and efforts, and I hope to continue on with you and your company, POSmate, a very long and mutually satisfying professional business trade relationship in the future.”


He is honest, sincere and genuine.
He listens, empathises, understands and cares about our business needs.
He is professional, gives solid business advice.
He has protected my business from risks in the future.
He is like a guardian angel to my business.
I personally vouch for and endorse that our business trade partner Raymond Gaud from POSmate is the best Business Consultant and POS Professional one can get, with sound professional unbiased advice, superior solutions and quality service, we’ve started saving and growing our business for the future. Have you?

Frank Migliarese

Anthony’s Cucina + Pizzeria

Dear Raymond & team, WOW! What a stellar effort & outstanding result. A fully functional value priced POS System that really produces by a country mile! From the outset, we had every confidence in your advice & greatly valued your persistence and constant prompt communication (even the late night out of hour’s phone calls!) No problem seemed too big or small, your attention to detail was professional in every aspect of the purchase. All of these elements contributed to such a successful outcome for the purchase of our new POS System. Everything ran to schedule from your IT Specialist to the installation day at the end. We were clear on our expectations and yours and there were no surprises. Your updates provided us with objective information about how the installation and purchase process was progressing which was supported by your regular phone calls & meetings to overlay your “feel” for how things were tracking. At every opportunity, you provided us with relevant information, support, and training & coached us through the process. Thanks again for all of your efforts & those in your team at POSmate.

Anthony Troncone

Burger Theory

We looked at a number of point of sales systems for our city store. Each had their own small advantages here and there, but of our shortlisted three, there didn’t seem to be huge performance differences when measured against our needs.

In hindsight, we probably spent too much time comparing the capabilities of the systems rather than the people behind them. After all, it’s no good having the best system if you’ve got no one to guide you through it! Sure enough, as soon as we looked at the issue from a customer service standpoint, the decision was made easy: it had to be POSmate, and it had to be Ray.

Ray fielded any and all of our many calls across the months leading up to our opening. He regularly dropped in to see how things were progressing with the store. He offered his advice when and where appropriate, and was never pushy. Most of all, he was there – he showed through his actions that he cared. We trusted him, and we went with POSmate.

Our faith in Ray turned out to be very important because there were slight hitches when we began. Our set up was unique and POSmate had to adapt quickly.  Ray could have left us to work it out; instead, he would come running as soon as we called. He even sat through most of a service on a busy night to make sure things continued smoothly from there on in.

Nine months later and we’re very happy with the system, but we’re absolutely thrilled with the service. Ray has done, and continues to do, all he can to set us up for success, and we are truly grateful for that.