POSmate specialises in Point of Sale (POS) Systems tailored specifically for the hospitality industry, offering POS System solutions that cater to the unique needs of restaurants. POSmate focuses on providing efficient and effective management  POS Solutions for restaurants.

POSmate Restaurant Point of Sale solutions has the ability to deliver web-based reporting, accessible from PCs, mobile phones, iPads and tablets. This feature ensures convenient access to important reports, providing ease of mind for restaurant owners and managers. Users can choose any of the aforementioned mediums to access the desired reports.

These POSmate Restaurant POS Systems solutions offer access to critical reports that are valuable for restaurant management, including:

  • Sales Margin Analysis reports allow you to analyse the profitability of your sales by calculating the difference between the cost of goods sold and the revenue generated.
  • Staff Sales reports enable you to can track and analyse the sales performance of your staff members individually or as a team. It helps in identifying top performers, evaluating sales targets, and providing incentives based on performance.
  • Time Attendance with Biometric Facilities reports offers a feature to record employee attendance using biometric authentication, ensuring accurate and secure time tracking. These features can streamline payroll processes and enhance security by preventing buddy punching or time theft.

In addition to these critical reports, POSmate Restaurant Point of Sale solutions provide other useful reports and features specific to the hospitality industry. They aim to streamline restaurant operations, enhance productivity, and improve overall management efficiency.