POSmate POS Mobile Ordering Tablets can benefit your business, particularly when you are already running a waiter at table ordering service. Remove double ordering handling, waiters spend less time running between the POS Terminal and their customers. They simply take the order from the table and it’s sent directly to the kitchen. Upselling, the ability for staff to up-sell, look at daily specials, look up allergies and recipes. Customer Service, increase your guests experience with a mobile ordering service in beer gardens or rooftop bars. Reporting, set up reporting to understand sales dollars a tablet has generated in a particular area, their main usage time or what key products and promotions they sold. Simple and cost-effective to install for any venue.

Mobile POS brings the POS System tableside, orders are sent wirelessly to the kitchen or the bar which you can define at course and item level. Of course, you also get a totally flexible Point of Sale System which makes even the most routine tasks like applying discounts, splitting payments, tipping, so easy they feel like modern innovations.

POSmate POS Mobile Ordering Tablet Systems are designed especially for the food & beverage industry, hospitality and retail outlets, with features like these, it makes it the perfect POS System solution for  Cafe’s and Restaurants.

Pos for Mobile