We Serve.

Our customers are the sole judge of the value of our products and services, we strive to meet unmet needs and serve the underserved with empathy.

We Adapt.

Rapid change is the only constant in the technological and digital age of ours, we embrace change, celebrate it and always strive to be an innovative leader that influences it.

We Run.

We are in a constant race to success while grappling with rapidly shifting forces, we move faster, better and with more urgency every day.

We Commit.

Our work is our commitment, we commit to our ethics, morals, values, customers and partners, we commit to each other, above all, we commit to doing the best we can and being the best we can.

We Stay Humble.

We have travelled a long way from our humble beginnings, and yet, we never lose our humility in our continual quest for greater heights.

Our Values POSmate

POSmate leads the way in Point of Sale, excelling with strategic intent and direction.

POSmate has unequalled values underpinned and supported by a clear and dynamic vision.

POSmate is today what others aspire to be in the future!


“POSmate differentiates itself from its competitors by the premium product portfolio, the excellent customer service levels achieved, and the calibre of people it employs.”


The current standing of the Point of Sale industry is one of fierce competition.

Growth, viability, profitability and success depend on strong brand differentiation in the marketplace.

With a total commitment to excellence, a professional, industry dedicated specialist team, focused sales and marketing strategies, POSmate achieves this differentiation!