POSmates’ revolutionary Cloud-based Point of Sale Software for Hospitality does more than just a basic Cloud-based POS app, it’s a fully-functional mobile platform that rivals any legacy Point of Sale System.

The POSmate Cloud-based Point of Sale Software for Hospitality features built-in tools to track and restock inventory, build relationships with customers, and manage all your locations and employees from low-cost devices like iPads, POS Tablets, smartphones, and any other mobile hand-held devices.

Customised advanced reporting and business intelligence analytics help managers and owners to make data-driven decisions that boost revenue and increase bottom-line profitability.

The POSmate Cloud-based Point of Sale Software for Hospitality extends its use even further with integration to a wide range leading start-of-the-art third-party Cloud-based Applications with loyalty rewards programs, online/mobile ordering apps, accounting interfaces, kitchen management features, and many many more.

Here are a few of the POSmate Cloud-based Point of Sale Software for Hospitality many uses;

  • POS for Cafés that lets you build customer profiles, including sales history, making it easier than ever to offer personal and exceptional service.
  • POS for Hotels and Bistro’s that automates purchase ordering and stock management, ensuring you never run out of items or buy too much.
  • POS for Restaurants that tracks menu items down to the individual ingredient and manages your dining room with a graphical layout of your tables.
  • POS for Food Trucks with Bluetooth wireless printing to food/drink stations, increasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • POS for Pizza/Bakery that stores all your specialities as recipes.
  • POS for Bars and Clubs that’s detailed enough to monitor liquor consumption down to the millilitre.
  • POS for Coffee Shops that knows the difference between a Small, Medium, and Large drink, while giving your customers the flexibility to customize their orders in any way they choose.