POSmates’ Point of Sale (POS) System solutions for bakeries provide quick and efficient sales procedures and exceptional customer service.

  • Customisation: POSmates’ Point of Sale Software solutions can be customised to meet the specific needs and requirements of your bakery, configure the POS System to track orders, ensure staff accountability, and manage stock and inventory efficiently.
  • Staff Accountability: The bakery POS System enables you to keep track of your staff members’ activities and performance, helping in identifying any discrepancies or issues that may arise during the order process.
  • Stock and Inventory Management: POSmates’ Point of Sale Software solutions assist in managing your bakery’s stock and inventory effectively, tracking ingredient quantities, monitoring stock levels, and generating alerts for reordering when necessary.
  • Live Web-based Reports: Access comprehensive reports from any device (PC, laptop, mobile, iPad or tablet) and at any time. Real-time insights into your bakery’s performance, sales trends, and other relevant data.
  • Integration with Online Orders: The POS System Software seamlessly integrates with your bakery’s online ordering app platforms, allowing the online orders to be automatically captured and processed through the POS System. Streamlining the order management process and reducing manual data and double entry.
  • Customer Relationship Management: POSmates’ bakery Point of Sale Software solutions stores customer details and purchase history, allowing you to build a database of loyal customers. Information can be leveraged for targeted marketing campaigns, personalised offers, and enhanced customer service.

POSmates’ Point of Sale Software solutions for bakeries, can increase order speed, reduce customer wait times, improve operational efficiency, and enhance overall customer satisfaction levels.

POS for Bakery