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POSmate specialises in Hospitality Point of Sale POS System Solutions and Retail Point of Service POS System Solutions.

We supply all the POS Hardware, implement the POS Software, install the POS System, assist in staff training and most importantly provide exceptional customer support.

Our Point of Sale POS Software Solutions and Point of Service Software Solutions are fully editable and adjustable to your business needs, we have a dedicated sales and support team working for you to ensure your POSmate POS System runs perfectly at all times.

POSmate provides best-in-class state-of-the-art POS System Solutions for Hospitality & Retail in Adelaide and South Australia.

POS like no other, simple, flexible and powerful!

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POSmate is Lightspeed’s Hospitality & Restaurant POS Certified Specialist Expert in Adelaide for South Australia.


POSmate offers you the complete Point of Sale POS System Solution package; we ensure you have an enjoyable Lightspeed POS journey – “Happy Lightspeeding!”

POSmate’s professional team’s expertise, knowledge and skills provide you with premium customer support and personalised staff & management training.

POSmate + Lightspeed Hospitality & Restaurant POS = Sell and serve your way!

POSmate is the Lightspeed Retail POS Certified Expert Partner in Adelaide for South Australia.


Lightspeed Retail helps inventory-based retailers streamline their operations, delight more customers, and grow their business across all channels.

Whether you’re looking to sell in-store, online, or everywhere in between, Lightspeed Retail gives you the tools you need to thrive!

POSmate + Lightspeed Retail POS = Point of Sale you’ll love to use!

POSmate + Abacus = added value POS for your business, profit you can count on!

Simple, Customisable POS!

Whether you’re a small business, a multi-site company, or a large enterprise, we believe that it should be convenient and readily accessible for every business to sell, manage and report with a smart, easy-to-use, all-incorporating POS system.

Check out how POSmate + Abacus POS can help you reduce costs, streamline your operations, improve customer experience and increase sales.

POSmate partners with Zii, intuitive Hospitality & Retail POS that improves the customer experience!

Intuitive, long-term solutions for digitising your business!

Zii is a logograph, the letter “Z” represents a counter and the two letters “ii” are customers in a queue.

Zii provides a diverse, fully integrated range of digital tools for the optimal customer experience, covering all aspects of ordering, booking, loyalty payments, inventory, reporting, and Point-of-Sale.

POSmate + Zii POS, empower your business with us, technology suited to your unique demands!

POSmate partners with Tyro to deliver fast, innovative EFTPOS solutions.


With this partnership, hospitality businesses can streamline their payments experience with Tyro’s innovative EFTPOS features including:

  • Pay@Table1 to keep front of house flowing
  • SplitBills1 to let groups share their bill at the table
  • Dynamic Surcharging2 to pass on some or most transaction costs to the customer

POSmate now partners with ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions, bringing fast secure EFTPOS solutions to your business!

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions provides secure payment and transaction services to merchants right across Australia. From sole traders through to Australia’s largest institutional companies, we have a market-leading solution to help you grow.

  • EFTPOS Terminals.
  • POSmate POS Integration.
  • Payment Gateways.
  • Same Day Settlement when you bank with ANZ.

POSmate welcomes onboard online order manager partner, Deliverect, online orders, simplified!


Deliverect integrates all of your online orders to your existing POS, from single-store outlets to multi-site venues, whether you’re a café or a restaurant, Deliverect simplifies your online order management so you can focus on your customers!

Deliverect directly syncs all online orders with the point-of-sale, setting up seamless connections with food ordering platforms saving significant time and eliminating manual order errors.

POSmate + Deliverect = Streamline Automate Grow

POSmate partners with Liven. Money can’t buy you love But Liven can.

Liven back the world’s best operators with the #1 engagement platform for restaurants, hospitality, venues & events.

Join 5000+ venues that use Liven to serve, engage and connect with their guests like never before.
Liven is the growth engine that revolutionises how customers engage, pay, and stay with your brand.
  • Fuel your business by creating your own currency.
  • Build your brand like never before.
  • Pull cash flow forward. Multiply it in an instant.
  • Tap capital with a click.
  • Make every visitor stick.
  • Own your data, and use it like never before.
  • Integrated and connected. Point of Sale, table ordering, pick-up & delivery, and intelligent QR codes.
Liven backs the best operators by helping them take control of their customers, data and finance.
The best operators love Liven!

Join 5000+ locations that use Mr Yum to serve better, connect with and reward their guests!

POSmate is Mr Yum’s Expert Partner in Adelaide for South Australia, providing seamless services ensuring you’re set up for success the moment you go live!

  • Serve better experiences: Create unforgettable experiences with seamless table ordering and payments.
  • Know your customers with Connect: A purpose-built hospitality CRM that builds detailed customer profiles, captures valuable data, and keeps guests coming back.
  • Turn visitors into regulars: Incentivise customers to return with discount codes, gift vouchers or a points-based Loyalty program.

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Hospitality venues and retail stores don’t just work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, so neither do we!

POSmate’s Point of Sale POS System Support staff work around the clock to make sure your POSmate Point of Sale POS System is always running smoothly.

If you require Customer Support, please call: 1300 76 76 88 or email: support@posmate.com.au

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