Learn about the top four things you could do to grow your customer base.


Sensible marketing.

The true potential to add a boost in sales is in turning these new customers into regulars.

It costs 5x more on average to convert a new customer than it does to convert an existing customer – Invesp.

Marsello: convert one-off customers into die-hard regulars.

Marsello is a retention marketing tool that seamlessly integrates with Kounta. It lets you customise and automate effective marketing strategies at low cost and high returns.

Below are the top four Marsello features to get you started on growing a loyal customer base over the holiday season.

1. Loyalty program.

Capture new customers’ details with a loyalty program. Starting a loyalty program incentivises new customers to give you their information and it’s a great opportunity for you to grow your database.

Need inspiration?

Australian award-winning pie makers, Pinjarra Bakery, grew their repeat purchase rate by 58% with Kounta & Marsello.

Pinjarra Bakery uses creative reward programs like ‘I only need a COFFEE with days ending in ‘y’ ☕.’ The redemption rate for this reward is approximately 46%. This means that almost half of the customers who signed up for the loyalty program used it!

2. Encourage growth with a referral program.

Growing your business through referrals is where you get to tap on your customer’s network.

Marsello makes referral programs that much easier by integrating it with your loyalty program so that all your data is collected in one place.

Australian wholefood kitchen, Rough and Bare, is a Kounta user running a simple and successful referral program. They offer 100 points to their customers when their referral places the first order, while the referral is encouraged with a 10% discount.

3. Email campaigns.

Specialised holiday campaigns are the bread and butter of this season. With Christmas around the corner, it’s prime time to create email marketing campaigns that offer seasonal specials. And guess what? Marsello lets you do that too.

With Marsello, you can send automated emails to target customers with personalised messaging. This includes ‘thank you’ emails that are triggered after the first purchase to birthday emails with special offers. You can also automate emails featuring regular offers to foster loyalty.

4. Track Your Customer Service.

For new customers, their first impression of your brand is strongly influenced by the service they receive. But when it gets busy over the holidays, maintaining the same level of customer service can be challenging.

An effective way of ensuring excellent service is by collecting customer feedback. Asking customers for private feedback right after they’ve experienced your service will give you accurate insight.

With Marsello, you can trigger feedback requests after every order. The data is presented in a user-friendly dashboard giving you full and easy visibility of your customer service.

Is Marsello right for me?

Let’s recap. Marsello lets you:

  • build a loyalty program that grows your database and encourages return customers
  • tap into your customer’s network with referral programs, allowing you to grow your business
  • send customised and automated emails to your database to inform them of your offers and specials
  • collect real-time customer feedback so that you can fine-tune your customer service

While these four steps are a great stepping stone, Marsello is a powerful retention tool that can do a lot more. It can also be integrated with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook – where you can build customer segments and advertise to potential customers.

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