Retail & Hospitality – We’re Still Here!

The world may be on lockdown right now, but the retail & hospitality sector is ready and waiting for your return. We know this is a difficult time for everyone, but we know there is light at the end of the tunnel when life can return to normal and we can all gather together and meet friends again. We look forward to the time we can serve you again.

Ready for your return.

As retail starts to return and hospitality like restaurants wait out the pandemic,   we want you to know that we will be back so we can serve you again.

Facing the unique challenges amid the COVID19 outbreak has forced small businesses to re-evaluate how to handle the re-opening.  Retail is getting creative with online sales & promotion of seasonal stock and surplus inventory in warehouses.

Hospitality & restaurants will start to open slowly and will be taking advantage of any new opportunities.

VariPOS - RedDot Winner

Taking advantage of takeout & delivery opportunities and also promoting gift cards & loyalty schemes with dining promotions.  Using technology businesses are investing in mobile & order-ahead options, things are getting better.

It’s going to be slow to re-open and the public will be cautious, but keeping opens small with limited people for a while will ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Hang in there & Stay Safe!!

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