Creating amazing dishes, but costs associated with creativity are blowing meal prices sky high!!

POSmate Point of Sale Systems provides the solution to create amazing dishes for customers without blowing prices sky high!

With POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions inventory stock control management feature, designing amazing dishes while managing the ingredient particulars down to the gram, you will relax knowing you have tighter management and reporting on your food stock, creativity flowing through your kitchen, a great menu, and in the end happy customers!

Cafés, Hotels, and Restaurants face numerous challenges, the desire to provide their customers with delicious dishes from a seasonal gourmet menu that doesn’t affect the bottom-line profit, after labour, cost of goods is the largest expense that requires tight inventory stock control management policies.

How Does Inventory Stock Control Management Help?

POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions has an easy to use inventory stock control management feature to track the cost of goods, product sales and wastage as individual items, recipes or manufactured produced items.

The head chef designs a recipe for a dish, for example, Porterhouse Steak with Fries and Garden Salad, ingredients and quantities are entered for all components of the meal (Porterhouse Steak, Potato Fries, Cos Lettuce, Roma Tomato, Red Onion, Vinaigrette and of course Hot English Mustard on the side).

With the POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions inventory stock control feature, this item is managed as a complete product with breakdown recipes associated, it is tracked as a complete costing, ensuring the right stock on hand levels are maintained.

Items that are prepared in a limited batch, daily specials, for example, 20 portions of Beef Bourguignon, this item is created as a recipe and at the start of service, the number of portions prepared is entered into the POSmate Point of Sale System, as a sale occurs the portion quantities are reduced with a product countdown so it can never be oversold.

Creating profitable recipes and inventory stock control management is important, the reporting and analytics on all food items is a time-consuming process, POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions provides the ability to keep track of and monitor of all major components in a dish, with the cost of goods and sale price, reporting on product sales and gross profit of each menu item is a piece of cake!

POSmate Point of Sale Systems Solutions inventory stock control management provides greater efficiency, reduces avoidable food waste and brings savings on both costs of goods and labour.

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