POSmate caters to the growing demand from hospitality and retail businesses to transform their operations using Cloud-based Applications and Services, we are qualified professionals with combined skills in Information Technology and Point of Sale Systems Solutions to form one of the most dynamic Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Solutions provider in Adelaide, South Australia.

Backed by years of experience working with businesses across the hospitality and retail industries has endowed POSmate with the ability to quickly interpret, supply and implement Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Solutions to address business needs and problems.

POSmates’ core mix of specialist Information Technology, Point of Sale Systems Solutions and Business Process Re-engineering skills ensures POSmate is a total trusted Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Solutions advisory and service provider.

POSmate are IT guru’s, passionate about bringing Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Solutions to hospitality and retail businesses, making them more efficient and profitable, POSmate understands your unique IT and Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Solutions requirements!

Cloud-based Applications – the modern way of working.

POSmate carefully selected Cloud-based Applications makes businesses more efficient by replacing manual processes or existing legacy software with an easy to use a Cloud-based Point of Sale System Solution accessible anywhere from any device.

POSmate Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Solutions reduce costs, billed as monthly subscription fees eliminating an upfront investment in Point of Sale Software licenses or POS Hardware.

These Cloud-based technologies and solutions are changing the face of IT and Point of Sale providing amazing opportunities to simplify work procedures and processes and to manage infrastructure in hospitality and retail businesses.

How will this help my business?

POSmate can provide Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Solutions encompassing Point of Sale, online e-commerce platform, integrated accounting, inventory management, loyalty rewards programs, staff rostering with time and attendance, and cloud data storage.

Hospitality and retail businesses can access all the Cloud-based Applications necessary to manage their entire operations from the net, obtaining the freedom to work anywhere at any time, freeing up laborious data entry and getting instant insight into how the business is operating and trading.

Customer-serving solutions for Hospitality and Retail environments.

POSmate specialises in Cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Solutions, customer-serving solutions that allow businesses to interact, transact with, and offer quality customer service to patrons, as well as the Cloud-based infrastructure that supports these functions.

A POSmate Cloud-based Point of Sale System Solution for hospitality and retail businesses can integrate with MYOB or Xero for accounting, the ability offers a free Wi-Fi guest network that allows your customer’s on-site internet access, a location analytics solution to get an insight into customer behaviours for sales, marketing, and promotional purposes.

Mobile Device Management.

If your business has personal or business-owned iPads, POS Tablets or any other staff hand-held mobile devices, POSmate provides solutions to ensure that confidential, private valuable information remains secure.

As a POSmate safeguard for a business’s data and information, with Cloud-based Application technology, it is possible to remotely install or remove access to applications, change passwords and reset a device entirely of its contents.

Supply, Installation, Training, and Support.

POSmate focuses on delivering your business a quality Cloud-based Point of Sale System Solution whilst you remain to concentrate on running your business!

POSmate Point of Sales’ services includes consulting with you regarding your business needs and requirements, assisting with recommended applications selection, organising the Cloud-based Applications Software subscription, supplying the POS Hardware and equipment, the customised configuration of the Cloud-based Point of Sale Software, management and staff training, and providing ongoing customer support.

With POSmate will always have an expert on hand to help overcome any minor obstacles and provide the quality ongoing customer support when needed, POSmate Makes I.T. POSsible!