sektorSektor Distributors is an expert, highly focused, innovative solutions distributor of Retail Technology and Mobility products.

Staying one step ahead of your competition is a constant challenge. This is why Sektor has redefined the role of a technology distributor to ensure that you, our partner, is able to perform to your best. We aim to enhance your business with seamless provision of POS and Mobility hardware solutions via expert advice, service and support.

The Sektor “…lean on us” philosophy extends to all facets of our interaction with you

  • …lean on us for expert pre-sales consultancy
  • …lean on us for pre-configuration and staging services
  • …lean on us for rollout, planning, logistics and asset management services
  • …lean on us for product and brand specific training

The Sektor team prides itself on fast, knowledgeable, efficient servicing of our partners allowing you to focus on your customers.

Our ongoing research into emerging retail and mobility technology trends from around the world ensures the best products are brought to you as soon as they are available. The brands we represent are global market innovators and leaders.

The Sektor team is second to none. Our knowledge, energy and passion ensures you achieve the best possible outcome for your customers.

We will continue to innovate with the sole purpose of supporting you, our partner, better.