POSmate integrates with the MyGuestlist platform, one of the world’s most widely used and popular online tool for the Entertainment & Hospitality industry. It combines traditional email/sms and social media marketing, guestlist and reservations management, ticketing and competition creation.Thousands of bars, clubs, restaurants, promoters and event organisers use MyGuestlist as their every-day tool for growing their database and bringing in more functions and customers.

Together with POSmate, communicating to your customers has never been more precise as member information is synced across between the two products to allow you as a venue owner, manager or marketer to send out news, rewards and offers to just those customers who have spent a certain amount at your venue, or just those who have purchased a particular type of item. A truly smarter and more intelligent approach to marketing which gets rid of the guess work and allows you to pin-point with exact accuracy, what (and how much) customers have been purchasing, and tailor your marketing campaigns specifically around this information.You will never need to do another “fingers-crossed, one-size-fits-all” approach to your Email and SMS campaigns.