The Point of Sale (POS) environment has changed and evolved, gone are the days when small businesses had to invest big in POS Systems hardware, the new wave of cloud-based Point of Sale Systems Software allows hospitality business owners real-time access to POS Systems that are better for their customers and their bottom line profits.

These are the important key benefits to updating your Point of Sale System;

Inventory Management

Some hospitality businesses tend to carry more high-value inventory than other food and beverage businesses, they generally turn their inventory over faster, a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution offers you the ability to manage your inventory with features such as stock item counts and automated stock alerts when you are running low on your best-selling products, ensuring you’ll never miss a sale!

Powerful back-end business intelligence reporting provides you with sales comparison charts and detailed information about what sells best at different times during the day, connecting to a POSmate Point of Sale Software Solution help save hours on inventory management.


Running a spontaneous discount for loyalty customers is no problem, a POSmate Point of Sale Software Solution allows you to update details in your POS product item list such as name, discount, and price on the fly, so If you want to discount an item for a special customer promotion and then track the  redemptions, you can do that immediately, right from your POS System or any mobile device.

Customer Experience

It is easier and much cheaper to hold on to an existing customer than it is to attract new ones, with a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution, features and tools improve the customer experience for your hospitality business reaping the rewards!

Email and SMS Text receipts allow customers to respond directly to you with feedback, for example, if an item was out of stock, or a staff member wasn’t attentive enough, this can open up an important channel of communication and shed light on what is and isn’t working in your business.


Gone are the days when the customer waited in a queue to order or pay the bill with a sales staff member hidden behind a counter, the beauty of running a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution from a tablet or smartphone is that you can enter sales from anywhere in the outlet.

Customers appreciate having a comfortable, direct and friendly interaction, without a counter between them and the sales staff member, roaming wait floor staff can also have an easier time serving multiple customers at once, do more on the spot upselling, and can help improve the total customer service experience.

Simple User Interface

Time spent training your staff to feel empowered by modern day POS System technology could be better spent getting them walking the dining floor and interacting with the customers, a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution is simple to use, fully featured, powerful and essential!

POSmates’ Point of Sale System Solution user interface is designed for simplicity and speed, with a short order and pay flow and a POS product item image feature, it makes staff training quick and painless.

Hardware Connectivity

Many owner-operators prefer minimal interfaces for their hospitality businesses, tools like a receipt printer, kitchen printer, barcode scanner or other devices can connect to a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution enhancing the efficiency for the staff and makes a smoother service experience for the customer.


POSmate Point of Sale System Solutions is flexible and powerful enough to suit a wide range of hospitality and retail businesses, whether you’re a smaller café or restaurant, a bar, a bistro, a club, hotel or a larger franchise group, POSmate makes I.T. POSsible!