Zebra ZQ620 HC Bluetooth Mobile Premium Direct Thermal Label Printer for Healthcare


Zebra ZQ620 HC Bluetooth Mobile Premium Direct Thermal Label Printer for Healthcare.

Premium Point of Care Printing Solutions.

Improve specimen labelling accuracy and patient safety with the Zebra ZQ610 and Zebra ZQ620 Healthcare mobile printers.

With the Zebra ZQ600 Healthcare Series, your customers’ staff can print labels at the point of care; reducing labelling errors and improving patient safety.

Designed specifically for healthcare, these compact printers take productivity, ease-of-use and manageability to a new level with a large colour display, fast 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connections, class-leading battery technology for full-shift power, disinfectant-ready plastics and powerful remote management tools.

The Zebra ZQ600 Healthcare Series features the highest battery capacity in its class with a 3250 mAH battery to ensure staff have plenty of power for every shift.

The Zebra ZQ610-HC supports 2-inch width rolls and the Zebra ZQ620-HC supports 3-inch width rolls, both come with powerful remote management tools with Zebra Print DNA.

Key Features;

  • Highest battery capacity in its class.
  • The industry’s only instant wake-up over Wi-Fi Function.
  • Mobile printing ensures labelling accuracy.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear for an entire shift.
  • Backwards compatible with QLn accessories.


Additional information

Weight .73 kg
Dimensions 17.3 × 11.7 × 8.4 cm