Zebra HC100 Serial / USB Cartridge-Based Wristband Printer for Healthcare

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Standard HC100 printer

HC100 standard features include direct thermal print mode, 300 DPI, 8MB standard flash, 16MB standard SDRAM, serial, USB, ZPL II, power cord bundle (Australia, Japan, UK)

Requires USB Cable PRCAUSB

The HC100 makes it exceptionally easy to print individual wristbands on demand.

Drop in the wristband cartridge and start printing high-quality wristbands for positive patient identification or hospitality applications.

The HC100 is engineered to be easily wiped down with hospital disinfectants.

Zebra offers a complete range of wristband styles, sizes, and colors for healthcare, amusement, water-park and entertainment applications.

  • Resolution: 300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
  • Speed: 2 inches (51 mm)/sec

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