SpacePole X-Frame Fixed Tablet POS Mount for HP ElitePad


Spacepole X-Frame Fixed – Product is suitable for HP ElitePad Secure lightweight 2 piece frame that clamps around the tablet.
Includes Duratilt pole.

The SpacePole X-Frame mount is designed for tablet installations in retail, commercial and other public environments.

It includes advanced security features allowing you to present your tablet in public environments with confidence whilst providing your customers with full access to the devices features.

It is a lightweight, easy to handle, an unobtrusive solution that is designed to retain the essential ‘feel’ of using a tablet whilst offering a secure mount with a range of features to assist in even the most complicated mounting environments.

This setup comes with the DuraTilt mount that allows the frame to be mounted securely to desktop surfaces with 70° of Tilt adjustment and a  210° of pole rotation.

This package includes the SpacePole DuraTilt desk mount that incorporates patented DuraTilt technology.

The DuraTilt® head contains 13 individual parts tested through 250,000 cycles and proven in retail situations to work for over 5 years without the need for tightening or lubrication.

It allows for up to 70° of Tilt adjustment and 210° of pole rotation.

  • Supports HP ElitePad
  • Designed to allow uninterrupted access to all buttons, ports, and cameras
  • DuraTilt pole includes Internal cable management
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Steel

60 Month Warranty

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 1.3 × 13.4 × 14.2 cm