Pioneer POS CarisTouch II CT18 J1900QC All-In-One Touch Screen Computer for Healthcare

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PioneerPOS CarisTouch II CT18, Hot Swappable Battery AIO, 18 inches, J1900 Quad-Core 2GHz, 4G Ram, 64GB SSD, Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro, Projective Capacitive Screen, AU, Wi-Fi, White, 13.4 AH Battery, VESA 100

CarisTouch: All-in-one for healthcare

The CarisTouch is a state-of-the-art All-in-one touchscreen computer, designed specifically for healthcare applications.

Powered by Intel, its rugged design allows the CarisTouch to withstand the harsh and demanding healthcare environments.

Every CarisTouch screen is built to protect against liquid sprays and can withstand millions of touches. Its enclosure contains an advanced anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth and spread of surface micro-organisms and bacteria.

The CarisTouch is ideal for nurse documentation, EMAR, CPOE, nurse stations, infotainment, patient check-in, and time clock.

The CarisTouch is equipped to protect patients’ personal and confidential information.

Its innovative design allows a privacy filter to be embedded internally, allowing only the person standing directly in front of the screen to see the information, concealing views from other angles.

By embedding the privacy filter, the CarisTouch eliminates the need to regularly clean the privacy filter from fingerprints and possible scratches

The CarisTouch can be configured as a diskless thin client, running applications off the server. It also has the processing power to run complex applications under Windows.

It also has the processing power to run complex applications under Windows.

With plenty of Serial and USB ports available, the CarisTouch allows integration of many devices, such as badge reader, biometric reader, proximity reader, barcode scanner, and wireless network.

The CarisTouch has a longer shelf-life than many other All-in-ones.

The same model of CarisTouch will be available for a minimum of five years*, which allows large enterprise roll-outs to install the same CarisTouch model over a period of time.

This commitment will reduce the deployment and support overheads, therefore reducing the total cost of ownership.

12 Month Warranty

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