Casio SES100 Entry Level Cash Register Single Station Printer & SD Card with Medium Cash Drawer


Casio SES100 Entry Level Cash Register Single Station Printer & SD Card with Medium Cash Drawer.

The Casio SES100 Cash Register is black in colour, has 12 Departments (24 using a department shift key) and you are able to put your business details on the receipt.

The Casio SES100 Cash Register is a stylish addition to your store decor that provides a choice of exquisite colours to enhance your store’s appeal, plus all the functions you need for efficient business operation.


  • 2-line LCD (backlit) Operator display, Customer display: 1-line LCD.
  • The receipt can be switched off & printed on request.
  • Medium cash drawer 4 Note & 8 Coin.
  • Thermal printer. (5 line receipt header can be preset.)
  • SD Card Compatible.
  • 24 departments. (12 department keys x 2 shift keys.)
  • 2000 PLU’s. (each can be preset with name & price.)
  • Available in Black, Red & Gold.
  • Secure key lock ensures manager control.
  • Setup is quick & easy.
  • Discount/Surcharge button.
  • Refund mode.
  • Drop-in paper loading makes paper roll replacement quick and easy.
  • Low battery indicator.

Other Functions;
Easy initial setup.
Basic settings such as language, date, time, and tax rate will automatically start when you use the machine for the first time, the main display and printer will provide step-by-step setup guidance.

Simple character setting.
Characters can be easily entered from the 10-key keypad to set the department name and PLU name, the main display enables you to confirm input characters at a glance.

Electronic journal function.
The Electronic Journal function enables you to save the contents of sales transactions in the built-in memory.


Additional information

Weight7.3 kg
Dimensions45 × 41 × 18 cm