POS for Wineries


As an owner of a winery will tell you, though, that kind of bucolic vibe isn’t easy to pull off, and managing sales and inventory can become confusing, a winery is three separate businesses rolled into one.

The first, and most obvious, is the actual wine: the producing, bottling, shipping, marketing, promotion and sales, these early, pre-sale stages are crucial to the rest of the business and finding a good way to track all the inventory, and its costs, are essential tasks.

Since a winery is likely to sell its product through wholesale and retail channels, the Point of Sale System used for processing and recording sales needs to be flexible enough to handle both.

The second business at a winery is usually some kind of bar/café/restaurant/tasting room set up, where food is often prepared and served along with wine served by the glass, and this brings with it an entirely different set of needs, from properly costing out dishes to applying different taxes based on meals or alcohol.

Finally, wineries will often have a retail cellar door outlet, which can sell plenty of items that are not wine, so to account for all this with a single Point of Sale System is difficult, a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution for Wineries can handle this kind of complexity with ease.

A POSmate Point of Sale System Solution for Wineries key benefits and features are;

Purchasing and Sales.

Inventory is not always sold in the same unit of measure that it is bought in, with a winery, you are actually producing the product you sell most of, going from dealing with barrels to litres, cases, bottles, and glasses.

There is a wide range of different ways wine can go from bulk inventory to an individualised purchase, having a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution for Wineries handles these differences seamlessly.

Multiple Pricing Levels. 

The majority of wine sold by a winery is going to be wholesale, sold to agents and distributors, on-premise, buying groups and key retailers, and depending on sales and marketing agreements, as well as volume, each having different pricing levels off the retail price.

The cellar door is going to be selling at that retail price directly to consumers, so the ability to switch between pricing levels is an indispensable feature to ensure the right price assigned for the right customer.

Item Sizes. 

A restaurant or tasting room offers different size glasses of wine, small and large cheese plates and charcuterie boards, the cellar door has several different bottle sizes available for the same brand and varietal of wine.

A POSmate Point of Sale System Solution for Wineries is able to handle this, it ties the size information back to available inventory using purchasing formats to keep accurately recorded stock levels.

Multiple Tax Rates. 

A wineries general ledger has an array of percentages, with different tax codes and rates for different products and/or services, specifically the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET), with tax codes and rates set up and assigned, a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution for Wineries accounts for and charges the correct amount of tax.

Inventory Item Level Tracking.

In a restaurant or tasting room, each of the ingredients of a dish, and for a cellar door, selling gift packs, each individual item within the gift pack can be tracked using a POSmate Point of Sale System Solution for Wineries.

This method of tracking is accurate and perfect for recording exactly how much wine is poured each day in a tasting room, coupled with business intelligence reporting, you can see how much free samples are costing allowing you to build better pricing strategies.


These are the key benefits and features that address the unique needs of a winery, understanding the winery as a hybrid of several businesses highlights the need for one thing above all else, flexibility, not to be confused with simplicity.

A POSmate Point of Sale System Solution for Wineries is fully featured enabling the freedom to do the things that need to be done, the power to do them correctly, and when you kick back at the end of the day with a glass of wine, you should know how much that is costing you!

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