Point of Sale Systems today have evolved to become a very vital and important integral part of the hospitality industry. In fact, technology has played a leading role in allowing bar, café, club, hoteliers, restauranteurs owners and others to provide their patrons with an excellent customer service experience. With so many competing offerings on the market, new restauranteurs may find it difficult to match the right POS System Solution to their needs. In this blog, we will look at a few key features and benefits POSmate clients have enjoyed and have leveraged in their goal to run their restaurants with accuracy, efficiency, security allowing for a decent healthy bottom line profit.

Here is our Point of Sale System checklist:

Automate redundant processes with your Point of Sale System: Any seasoned café, hotelier or restaurateur will tell you that the sheer volume of functions involved in running a successful establishment calls for the elimination of repetitive tasks that often take up precious time and human resources. From stock level monitoring to staff time management, café, hoteliers and restaurant owners with their managers face time-consuming daily, weekly and monthly tasks that could remove much of the administrative overhead associated with running an on-premise dining venue if automated. The POSmate suite of software and modules allows you to incorporate various administrative functions into the POS System, thereby removing cumbersome and repetitive administrative functions.

Access to your information from virtually anywhere: In the KPI era we live in, businesses’ ability to leverage their information and reporting largely depends on how easily they can access them. Café, hoteliers and restaurant owners need instant, on-demand access to their business figures and reporting to continually examine how their venues are performing, identify process bottlenecks and gain general insight to which direction their business is going. POSmate cloud-based business intelligence reporting is a powerful data acquisition and analytics tool that gives café, hoteliers, and restauranteurs an analytic, reporting and data insight tool based on real live time metrics. Considering the scale of multi-store operations, live access to key financial, operations and performance metrics eliminates considerable time and effort in collating and repurposing informational assets. POSmate cloud-based business intelligence reporting lets our clients enjoy around-the-clock access to their business data and then they can dissect it for detailed analysis and unmatched business insights.

Your Point of Sale Solution should enhance the customer experience: “It’s all about the customer” is a truism that is appreciated throughout the entire hospitality industry. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has opened so many new avenues for improving the way we conduct business, this is correct and relevant to the hospitality industry. Does your Point of Sale Solution empower you to take your customer service to the next level? POSmate Point of Sale Systems make back end and front-of-house operations run effortlessly and smoothly by incorporating mobile technology into its offerings. POSmate Point of Sale Software seamlessly runs on the latest Android, Apple and Windows mobile hand-held devices, giving your counter, floor and wait staff the tools they need to value add and completely satisfy your customers.

Do you have a Point of Sale Solution provider, or a do you have more importantly a strategic partner?

Too many venue owners are only concerned with making sales, they don’t really give much consideration for the customer’s total dining experience. Here at POSmate, we form long term business relationships, partnering our clients, we are always growing our outstanding superior products and services alongside the evolving needs of the hospitality industry we are experts and specialists in. POSmate Point of Sale Solutions have become relied upon by many of Adelaide’s hospitality icons and we continue to evolve, our sales and support staff are expertly trained and team with you to make sure you get the best out of our products and services.

No decent successful business thrives in isolation, business relationships and partnerships are crucial in today’s marketplace we operate in. It’s through this philosophy that POSmate clients have enjoyed an advantage with cutting-edge total business POS System Solutions complemented by our team of Point of Sale Solutions experts and specialists that make it our business to ensure your business and venues flourish. POSmate implements the right Point of Sale System Solutions our clients need to run a growing, profitable, successful thriving business.

If you are interested in getting your POS System needs evaluated, please contact POSmate Point of Sale Systems by email at sales@posmate.com.au or call 0406 103 016 at any time.