phoenixWe believe that computer software should enhance your life and business and should focus on providing results to the people that are using the product. For what other reason do we use software; for a result naturally. It’s our goal to help our clients get where they are going in life and business quicker and easier through the use of our software products and services.

Many companies rely on our products as their “Core Business Solutions” and look to these products to solve everyday business problems. We have provided products and services to over eight-thousand customers world-wide including: Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Antarctica, Guam, Turkey, Puerto Rico, and the Marshall Islands.

Our organization was founded in May of 1991 by Richard L. Wolf and Jeffrey W. Cameron. Through the many years of experience, we have refined how software programs interact with people and the results they provide. Nearly all of the products we have developed have been refined and redefined over the years to adapt to the ever-changing environment of business. Some of the products and services we provide are:

  • Solis – Indoor Tanning / Spa and Salon point-of-sale.
  • Phoenix for Windows – Video Store point-of-sale.
  • PostShield2 – A Challange/Response email system that eliminates SPAM completely.
  • Custom Programming – Our development team creates products to your specs.
  •  Data-driven Web Development – Design, creation, and hosting of informational websites.
  • POS components including barcode scanners, thermal printers, fingerprint ID systems, cash drawers, and paper supplies.

We look forward to help you achieve extraordinary results in your business.