one-tabOneTab is a convenient, fast and secure mobile payment system that streamlines the transactional process between Punters (customers) and Pourers (hospitality vendors). It allows Punters to set up, track and complete their tab orders with their smart phone, in realtime. OneTab securely integrates with the vendor’s point-of-sale system to simplify and enhance the relationship between customers, staff and venues.

OneTab is simple to use and stops you forgetting to pick up your credit card from the cashier at the end of the night.

* Find your nearest OneTab venue. You can search manually or find the nearest venue based on location
* Get directions – Just follow the map
* Open your tab – show your unique code to the venue staff
* Tell your friends – just press share and shout out to your social networks. OneTab integrates with facebook and twitter so you can post directly from the app
* Start the party! Order as you normally would, face to face
* Pay your tab – When you’re ready to go, check your bill, hit pay and keep on moving

All credit card details are stored securely within a Level 1 PCI Compliant Australian-based Payment Gateway.