POS for iPad

POSmate’s Mobile Point of Sale Solutions do pay for themselves, they solve a lot of problems and save you lots of valuable time and money, let POSmate show you how!

As an experienced café owner, restauranteur or hotelier, naturally you’ve seen every kind of problem which can occur with floor wait staff using order docket pads for conventional, hand-written order-taking.
POSmate has identified some of these problems, now let us show you how a “Mobile Point of Sale Solution” can make life, operations, and service considerably better!

Double handling 
When floor wait staff take orders at the table in hand-writing using order dockets pads, they will then have to enter this information into the POS Terminal or POS Waiters Station for processing.
This takes extra time, and can adversely affect your customer’s dining experience, and your bottom-line profit.
By switching to an iPad or POS Tablet ordering device such as a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution, your floor wait staff members would then enter the order directly into your POS System for processing, saving you time and thereby building your bottom-line profit.

Missing out on extra sales
It’s usual for your floor wait staff to leave the dining area to attend to cutlery and glass cleaning duties straight after mains service, what if, instead, you had one staff member still on the floor, prompting customer orders for after meal drinks, hot beverages and desserts?
Order-taking is made so simple with a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution, it will assist to pick up more of those bottom-line profit-building opportunities.

Second-rate customer experiences 
Some customers are often waiting in line to be seated, customers want to spend their dining time with family and friends, not standing waiting in a queue.
Table covers and turns can happen much more promptly when the ordering system is more efficient, faster and accurate.
With a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution, the instant your floor wait staff member enters an order direct at the table, it is automatically instantly received by the kitchen and/or bar ready to fill. This naturally speeds everything up and helps to turn over covers and tables much faster, and providing, more importantly, a better total customer experience.

Missed items from bills
Your floor wait staff can make mistakes, even with the most efficient staff training and procedures using hand-writing order dockets pads as an ordering system, for instance, how many times, has a floor wait staff member accidentally omitted a bottle of wine or another item from a customer’s bill?
Thanks to a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution, it protects you against such losses, this is due to the fact that every single order taken at a customer’s table is instantly added and saved to the customer’s bill, through the POS System before the order is processed.

Bottlenecks in the kitchen or bar
Customers don’t want to wait forever for their meals and/or drinks, and at the same time, the more efficiently your guests can be served, the more often you can turn over your cover and tables and therefore bottom-line profit.
It is very frustrating and stressful when a backload of floor wait staff hand-written dockets are presented all at once in the kitchen or bar, only causing bottlenecks in service time.
Thankfully, with a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution bottlenecks seem to disappear, as each order is taken, it is instantly sent to the kitchen and/r bar without delay, well before the next table’s order can even be taken, hence speeding up production response times.

Entering staff hand-written order dockets into the POS System 
When customers ask for the bill, often management struggle to enter the floor wait staff’s hard-to-read hand-written order dockets into the POS System, you no longer have to endure this issue and problem!
With a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution, you will be able to process customer orders instantly from the table with an accurate running total in the POS System ready to print out at a preliminary receipt at a moment’s notice, it’s much simpler and saves you a lot of bother, time and money.

Incorrect orders
There are those situations when your customer’s meal is not properly prepared, due to the chef misreading your floor wait staff’s handwritten order docket, typical issues could include steaks not being cooked properly, as well as when an allergy or dietary requirements are not understood.
If customers don’t get the meal they ordered and were expecting, they may not come back and even worse they will tell all their family and friends and via social media posts about their bad dining experience.
Thankfully, mistakes like this can’t really occur when using a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution, due to the fact that the customers’ orders are no longer received in staff handwriting using order docket pads, but instead in printed out in clear, legible text, with the ability to highlight via red text printing for modifiers and/or production instructions.

As you can see, using iPads or POS Tablets in your venue can make a strong impact on your profitability and reputation.

What’s more, a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution integrates instantly with the POS System to give you real accuracy, control and time savings in a way which will revolutionise your business!

POSmate is excited to share the benefits of a POSmate Mobile Point of Sale Solution, and demonstrate these amazing Point of Sale System options which will help your business grow, guaranteed!