Floats & Petty Cash

Cash is a magor component of the hospitality industry and an area that should be tightly controlle and managed. POSmate version has added functionality to manage and audit the cash movements through the Point of sale including the initial float setting and adjustments through petty cash transactions, skimming and refloats.

Stock Manufacture

Managing stock is a critical part of running a profitable hospitality businesses. Version of POSmate extends the stock  functionality to enable greater control of stock with the ability to create recipes and manufacture recipes.

Public Holiday Surcharge

POSmate Point of Sale allows you to pre-configure certain days for discounts and surcharges. This facility is usually used for charging a public holiday surcharge on a specific date. The POSmate surcharge system has the additional features of being able to include or exclude loyalty members from the surcharge or setup a special day with a discount rather than a surcharge.

Stock Write Off and Wastage

Managing stock is a critical part of running a profitable hospitality businesses. Version of POSmateextends the stock writeoff functionality to enable greater control, auditing and reporting.

Hold and Send

If your restaurant runs a “bistro” style ordering process where a group of customer’s order and pay as individuals but you want the order to go to the kitchen or dispense bar as one consolidated order then POSmate Version has been enhanced with a new Hold and Send function.

Importing Stock into POSmate Office

When starting your Stock Control system one of the hardest and most time consuming work is the initial loading of all of the stock information. POSmate has developed a stock import system that will import all of the stock and supplier information from a spread sheet.

Click HERE to download a sample stock import file

Speed Up Your Stocktake with a Portable Data Entry Terminal

Implementing one of POSmate portable data entry terminals has shown to save 70% of the labour required for stock taking and improved the accuracy by 45%. if you are serious about stock control then using a Portable Data Entry terminal is a great way to get a faster return on your investment and improve your profit.

Quick Member Setup

Setting up members at the Point of Sale can be an issue when there is a queue of customer’s. POSmate has solved this problem with the new Quick Member setup for chip card loyalty sites.

Importing Members into POSmate Point of Sale

POSmate has the ability to import the members information from a spread sheet into POSmate Point of Sale.

Configuring POSmate POS to Capture the Guest Count

POSmate can be configured to collect a number of Guest count information. From the basic PAX or GUEST to the more details Adults, Children and Senior Citizens

Setting up ChefMate for POSmate

POSmate’s ChefMate module is used by a number of kitchens and coffee shops to create a complete paperless order processing system. ChefMate is a touch screen order display that provides the information to the chef, barista or barman on the items that need to be made.

Seting up Web Order for POSmate

POSmate has provided the ability for a number of web ordering and smart phone ordering companies to send order directly to POSmate. The setup of Webmate controls how these orders are received.

Use “Chits” to Manage your Takeaway Orders

POSmate uses Chits to record the order number for takeaway sites and cafe’s. Chits are also used by restaurants and cafe’s where a customer places their order and they are given a number for their table for the runner can find them with their meal.

Printing and Managing your Kitchen Printers using Categories

If you are looking for more flexibility in your Kitchen printing then you can configure your kitchen and dispense bar printing by category rather than courses. This allows you to create a category called Kitchen Printer and then link all the items to that category rather than the Course that they are display in on the POS.

Capture Customer Names

Do you ned to capture the customer name for your takeaway orders as well as run a Chit Number. The new feature in POSmate POS allows you to do just that.

Configure the Docket Printer to Print a Single Item per Docket

Some sites require the drinks or coffee printer to print a new docket for every item in the sale rather than a single docket with all the items on it. This How To document explains the steps to take to configure POSmate to print a new docket for each item.

Combo Discount

Looking to run COMBOS on your menu. Use the new COMBO DISCOUNT feature in POSmate

Install Logo on your Receipt Printer

Many thermal receipt printers can print a black and white logo of your business onto the receipts for your customers. This How To document shows you how to do this.

Clock In and Clock Out & Managing Staff Hours

The Clock In and Clock Out funcationality has been upgraded in POSmate (October 2013 Release). Take a look at the How To document to see the new features.

Multi Buy Discount

POSmate version 5.32 (Release in December 2013) allows you to run a multi buy discount promotion. e.g 1 * Corona for $9.00 or 3 * Coronas for $15.00. This How To document shows you how to do this.