photoHiRUM – The History of Property Management Software

Property Management systems have been widely used for many types of businesses over the years – real estate, manufacturing, government and the hospitality accommodation management industry. Traditionally it was a paper-based system however with the growth in business, this manual system soon became highly inefficient and cumbersome. Through the growth of rental apartment ownership and property management rights, it became obvious to those in the Hospitality Industry that computer software programming was required to deal with high rise unit management.

Property Management Software and Channel Managers software now co-ordinate and manage property rental, holiday accommodation letting, management and guest accounts, housekeeping, maintenance, legalities, banking, debtors and personnel. Also known as a PMS system, Property Management Software manages guest bookings, online reservations, point of sale, telephone charges, room service, daily and end of month banking and often trust accounting amongst many other things. The Property Management Software may also interface with central reservation systems, channel management software to control accommodation availability, revenue, online channels and yield management.

What Makes Us Different?

HiRUM is committed to developing the very best property management software and online booking software. Working with industry experts to enhance the functionality of our core products, saving you time, money and resources.

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