With Level 2 in full swing, we are starting to see some light ahead across the hospitality industry. With the happy return of customers to your stores, its time to keep them coming back while making all forms of ordering as efficient as possible for your staff.

Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are becoming the cornerstone for securing repeat business for your customers. This can be anything from vouchers for spending with you, a 2 4 1 voucher to come in on their birthday or even earning points on every purchase, that they can then use in-store.

In this transition to a contactless world, Menumate can build you a Loyalty App that enables a customer to scan themselves, avoiding your staff handling membership cards, while opening up the ability to market directly to these customers.

A Loyalty App is also a gateway for customers to access your website or Facebook for updates, or if you have implemented online ordering, any platform can be accessed through the app.

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Integrate your Online Orders time with your Online Orders. 

Mobi2Go is made for the hospitality industry and integrates with Menumate, to provide seamless integration for orders placed online.

No double handling, no entry mistakes.

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