Why have a POS System?

To grow your business, it’s critical to have a POS System that helps you gauge how well your business is performing.

Requirements should include a real-time view of sales, inventory, staff targets, and customer data.

Your POS System should be easy to use as well as to replicate.

POSmate is a total Point of Sale Solution provider, that’s POS Systems are multi-site ready, offering centralised management tools you need to monitor all your locations.

Some of POSmate’s clients evaluated many other POS systems before settling on a POSmate Point of Sale System solution due to our secure architecture, mobile payment capabilities, including the superior customer service and support of all our solutions, sophisticated reporting capabilities, and new loyalty rewards plans.

POSmate has been involved in providing Point of Sale Systems and Loyalty Reward programs to the hospitality industry for over 7 years.

For more information contact POSmate – on 0406 103 016 or via email sales@posmate.com.au