balleyGet Connected Through BIG

For years, casino operators like you have faced the challenge of dealing with tedious point-to-point processes for integrating your various casino applications. This antiquated data-communication approach results in operational efficiencies bogging down with complicated and time-consuming data transfers which slow down the entire network.

Problem Solved:  Introducing a Powerful Tool for Your Networked Floor
As the leading provider of systems technology to the casino industry, Bally is optimally poised to not only recognize and analyze the overall impact of disparate applications to other systems, but to engineer and implement the BIG solution that will unify your floor. Here’s how:
The Bally Integration Gateway (BIG) makes it faster and easier for you to seamlessly integrate your third-party host/legacy applications. BIG also serves as a Networked Message Bus for all your casino systems. This time-saving, plug-and-play solution links different hospitality, point-of-sale, accounting, and casino enterprise applications; even if each of those applications supports different protocols. BIG converts these protocols to S2S or any other protocol required to allow the applications to exchange data.